Tempo: From Double Data Entry to Global Expansion

If there is one thing developers hate it is double data entry.  
So when in 2006 one of Origo's development teams was frustrated with the way time was tracked they were allowed to build a small app to smooth out the process. 

14 years later this side project has grown into a company called Tempo, it was acquired by Diversis Capital in 2018, has over 20,000 customers, is an award winning developer in the Atlassian ecosystem, located in 3 countries and recently voted one of the top 10 companies to work for in Iceland. 

In this podcast we interview Art Zaratsyan VP of Technology and Olof Kristjandottir Marketing Director.  

We talk about Tempo’s origin story, engaging teams in a pandemic and how to manage a team you have never met face to face. 

In this episode discuss the following questions: 

-          How a data entry issue started Tempo on its growth journey
-          How has the pandemic changed how Tempo works internally
-          How to manage a Slack chat that is becoming negative
-          How to engage a new team you have never met. 

Closing Notes
-          Before you go we need your help, whilst we will be bringing ideas and stories from around the world we want to share stories of Icelandic innovation. If you feel you or your organisation has an idea they would like to share please contact us. We would love to have you as a guest on an upcoming podcast.

Please email Kristjan@origo.is if you are interested in being a guest.