The Future of Retail: What now for omnichannel?

Skráðu þig á Omnichannel Retail, vefvarp Origo með Miya Knight 20 maí:

Skráðu þig á vefvarp Origo með Miya Knight 20 maí:
Omnichannel Retail: Vinningsformúlan í stafrænum heimi - skráning.

Auðveldaðu söluferlið með notendavænum tæknilausnum sem skila aukinni sölu - afgreiðslulausnir Origo.

As more financial results are announced by retailers for 2020, it is clear to see the difference between retailers who were prepared for the digital future and those that were forced to transform from analogue to digital at speed. However 2021 is no longer about catching up, but how retailers blend the best of the physical and digital delivery models to deliver a seamless customer experience. This is why we have asked Miya Knights to be the latest guest on the podcast and on the 20th of May host a webinar for the Icelandic Retailers. 
Miya has been involved with technological developments in retail for over 25 years and well known for her views shared in her two books,  Amazon – the worlds most relentless retailer and Omnichannel Retail – how to build winning stores.  
We are also joined by Sigurjón Hjaltason from our retail team. He has worked in the IT industry for more than two decades. His passion is helping his clients realize their strategic goals by making the most of people, process and technology.  

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