10 days to a COVID-19 digital test and trace solution from scratch to deployment

In only 10 days, Origo created a new digital screening solution for Icelandic border controls to prevent the spread of COVID-19. We are very proud to be part of a solution that helps people stay safe.

Only people within the IT industry can truly understand why it takes so long to develop software and IT systems that look super simple from the outside. This is why many seemingly simple software development requests are greeted with a sharp intake of breath from the IT department. 
So imagine the response when Guðjón Vilhjálmsson Origo’s heathcare practice lead got a call from the Health Ministry asking Origo to develop a test and trace system that would allow Iceland to open the boarders in 10 days. In this podcast Guðjón shares his experiences of scoping, building, testing and rolling out a nationwide test and trace system in 10 days. 

Key topics we discuss are:   
  • Outline of the project & project priorities. 
  • How did you choose your tech stack? 
  • How did you manage the project schedule when different stages were working simultaneously.  
  • What challenges did you have rolling out the software to the users? 
  • How did you ensure the systems were secure from external threats 
Closing Notes
Before you go we need your help, whilst we will be bringing ideas and stories from around the world we want to share stories of Icelandic innovation. If you feel you or your organisation has an idea they would like to share please contact us. We would love to have you as a guest on an upcoming podcast - please email kristjan@origo.is if you are interested.